Ongoing Groups


“And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love. “ ~ William Blake

The Spiritual Path continues to be the road less traveled, a true Hero’s Journey, and is still greatly misunderstood. It  is a deeply personal and challenging path that is worth every moment you walk it.

You can learn to walk this path with the courage of a warrior, the dignity and power of a sovereign being, and the joy of one whose life is fueled by LOVE.

This 6-month course has been created to meet the need of awakening women who know they are called to a greater purpose and more joy. Purpose and joy come hand in hand, as you embrace this path of transformation.

You will laugh, cry, and celebrate sisterhood in a way you never imagined possible!

Participants will learn:

  • How to develop spiritual intelligence and free yourself from victim consciousness
  • How to know the difference between conscious and unconscious suffering, and why it’s essential on the spiritual path.
  • How to know when you are in an emotional “blindspot,” and what to do about it……and much more.
  • How to step boldly into your role as a co-creator in the story that is being written by humanity right now—by being the change!!!

I have had the honor and privilege of taking part in many of Kathleen’s women’s spiritual circles. It’s like nourishment for the soul which keeps me coming back for more. Kathleen has the unique ability to open a space that is not only safe but challenging and transformative.

I would recommend most highly participating in her life-changing work, where women get to support and love one another. Kathleen is an amazing sounding board for a woman who wants to live in her full power. You will always be thankful you took that opportunity.


I joined Kathleen’s group almost two years ago. Her gentle, yet honest mentorship and guidance has cultivated a circle of sisterhood and womanhood that has lifted me up and supported me when I needed it, but also helped me see and own my strength and power. I am so grateful for this group and the lasting friendships that have come out of it. It is a group filled with love, power, curiosity, openness, and acceptance. The work we do in group is challenging at times, but always honest and enlightening.


I am a recent addition to Kathleen’s group and it has already made a tremendous impact on my life. I find myself moving toward greater strength and wisdom, recognizing when I unwittingly give my power and my gifts away without regard for their value.

I am more intentional with my time, my energy and my generosity. I don’t squander who I am on trivial and damaging endeavors or people. I am opened up to a greater good and better see and hear how I am part of the universe. I am also learning how to forgive my missteps and allow myself to receive the grace that I so willingly give to others.

Kathleen leads our group with her heart and soul, authentically giving of her time and talent to help us all better recognize our own.


The women’s group has been a very safe and gentle place to grow, model, learn, and feel myself being the person I want to be most. What a gift it has been. I look forward to spending time with these women and feel so honored and humbled that they are in my life!

This series of classes will be divided into 6 parts:

  • Waking up from the Trance (Jan. 9)
  • Dealing With The Illusions of Doubt, Fear and Lack (Jan. 30)
  • Claiming And Aligning With Our True Desire (March 8)
  • Bridging the gap from your human to your divine nature (April 10)
  • Raising Our Vibration To Match Our Dreams (May 8)
  • Becoming a conscious co-creator  (June 5)

Where: Alexandria area (one woman hosts the group in her home, and have a reduced tuition of $250)

When:  7-9:15 PM

Cost:  $95 per session. If you pay all in full at once, cost is $500. 

***Your agreement to attend this group is an agreement to attend and pay for all sessions. If you must miss one session, you will be asked to pay $65 for the missed session, and the full amount for missed sessions after that. The reason for this is to emphasize the commitment that is required to do this work in a world where the attention of most people is scattered to the winds.    

***There will be a Winter Wisdom Retreat where we will do breathwork, psychodrama, ritual and fire circle.  There is the possibility of a Sweat Lodge as well. You will not be required to attend the retreat, but it is recommended.

I will soon be offering an online version of this group.  If you are interested in joining either the upcoming group, or an online version, get in touch below, so that we can chat.