Every so often, someone comes along who isn’t impressed with fancy luggage and doesn’t judge your plastic bags with the holes in them. And, not often enough, still, someone comes along who can really, truly, at the boiling core of your being, help you put those bags down, walk away and never look back. When you’re not just tired of how heavy your bags have gotten, but when you’re ready to swing those bags high toward the Sun and watch them burst into flames that light the path to your next level in life, Kathleen is the choice. If you ever get a chance to work with her, do it…and don’t look back.

Lena L. West

Founder, Real Women Do Social Media Initiative

Our work with Kathleen was life-changing from which we grew individually and were able to emerge together in a thriving relationship. Before working with Kathleen we experienced seemingly random collapses in a relationship that were hurtful and confusing and lasted for days on end. We couldn’t figure it out because we really love each other, and it made no sense.

Thanks to Kathleen we now know that ruptures are not the primary problem in a relationship but rather the essential ability to repair the rupture in healthy ways that is key. Our ruptures often are now repaired in fluid conversation and relatively unnoticed.

Probably the most significant point about working with Kathleen was embracing that we couldn’t have the image of what we wanted. Rather, we could choose to understand the essential being in front of each of us and choose to love and be with that real person. Kathleen helped us find this gift.

T. and T.

Working with Kathleen immediately brought me the clarity I needed. I had been floundering for two years trying to figure out how to start up my business after moving to Colorado. I was focused for the first time about what my business would be and how to make it happen. I was inspired to set up workshops and courses in various venues as a means of seeding my business. Kathleen’s laser insight, coaching and the materials she developed enhance my learning and inspire me to do the things I am called to.

Dava Money, M.Ed.


Kathleen has shed a lot of light into our marriage during our work with her, and made us feel more connected. She makes you feel comfortable, normal and heard. It’s amazing she wasn’t with us in childhood because she understood us so quickly. I’ve been frustrated in the past with the “ramp up” time that it seems to take with a new therapist. Several hours and dollars later you are finally getting to the meat and potatoes of the issues, but that was not the case with Kathleen.

I was also thrilled that my husband took to her immediately. It took a lot to get him onboard with the idea of counseling, so it was critical he liked and respected whoever we saw from the get-go and he did. Since working with her we resolve conflict more quickly and no longer go days without talking when we’re mad. I foresee us working with her for a long time to come.

T. and K.

Kathleen has helped me gain awareness, discernment, and clarity in all of my relationships and is a compassionate wisdom partner.

She is masterful at helping you gain perspective towards achieving healthy relationships and your overall well-being.

Jennifer Whitcomb

The Trillium Group

I chose to work with Kathleen during a hard time in my life, when self-doubt, depression, anger, and fear were my constant companions and I had lost connection to my higher self. While brushes with these phenomena still occur, they no longer hold me prisoner as they once did. Kathleen’s ability to quickly get to the heart of the issue through powerful and caring questioning helps me gain critical insights from each situation I am facing. What I appreciate most about Kathleen is her willingness to be fully present with me in my journey. She holds nothing back and has always told me the truth, even if I did not want to hear it.

I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who is willing to give a 100% effort to their growth and development, as they will get a 100% effort from Kathleen in return.

F. J.

There is a great need in this present time for men to explore and deal with their emotions. It has been devastating to the individual to hide feelings under the guise of deconstructive masculinity and it can’t go on any longer. In order to find true balance, men, women, everyone needs to be able to express and deal with what is going on inside their hearts and minds and feel that hey have a safe place to do so for whatever may come out! 

One of the wonders of Kathleen is her ability to dance between the masculine and feminine energies and be present with you—the real you. She always creates a safe and nurturing space for you to find the man you know you are deep inside your heart. 


As a couple, Kathleen has held the most sacred of spaces for us, enabling shifts in perception to occur, reminding us of our deep connection.

From the simple to the eye opening, she has given us coping skills  during the inevitable ‘not so rosy’  times and powerful learnings that enabled us to navigate through some major life crises. 

Her enormous ability to shed light gently on the issue is paradoxically the most empowering of gifts, even if it is hard to see. As we worked through our challenges, what was unconditionally  reassuring was her presence and her complete acceptance of whatever issue was on the table that day.  She has a capacity for being fully present, that brings a sense of peace to any situation.

K. and M. R.

I can honestly say that Kathleen has been the most influential person of my life. With deep compassion, she has guided me through some difficult issues that became the doorway for a complete shift in consciousness.

Through my work with Kathleen, I have awakened to my inner gifts, connected with my purpose and work in the world, and experienced transformative changes in every aspect of my life and relationships. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss working with Kathleen. Heidi DuPree, RN, healer

Award-winning author and Energy Healing Therapist/Coach

I was referred to Kathleen and thankfully so.  I had discovered my spouse was having an affair and wanted out. I had no idea how to deal with the feelings I was experiencing and I was barely functioning. Prior to finding Kathleen I had tried 2 other counselors who seemed to think their role was to listen.  I have friends who are great listeners.  I was looking for tools to help me through this very tough time.

Kathleen provided me with the tools to deal with my “unknown”.  She is interactive – she listens, asks questions, reflects back what she is hearing and teaches. She has helped me find my center (and sanity), courage and self-respect.  I have become stronger and able to make the tough decision to divorce and go it alone after a 25+ year marriage.  She is a fabulous guide and has helped me to help my children through this tough situation as well.

Kathleen is extremely professional and knowledgeable as well as loving, approachable and understanding.

S. S.

When I first began working with Kathleen, I was experiencing a great deal of indecision regarding my career path, and couldn’t figure out why I felt so stuck. She quickly uncovered what was truly causing my pain, which had to do with the addiction of loved ones. I was both frustrated and depressed, until I realized that I could not fix them, and that I could only focus on me. As a result, I have been able to be happy and more focused on my career path in spite of their struggles. My motivation has returned and I feel once again encouraged to be successful in my career decisions.

Donna Fess


Kathleen has a potent ability to uncover core issues and heal them quickly. Her techniques, grounded in love and wisdom, go to the root and deliver results fast. I trust her as a guide in the deepest recesses of my being and go to her when I am in need of expert, non-judgmental support from a professional. I get myself clear, and then my company begins to reflect that. She reminds me that being a leader is an inside job, and that my power lies in my ability to keep the big picture in mind and come from the heart. S. G.

Before working with Kathleen I was overwhelmed with the growth of my business. I had built a very successful business but felt like I lost my sense of purpose and needed to get clarity around my vision. Kathleen has an amazing gift and has a divine connection like nothing I have ever experienced—and the ability to guide people to their own truth.

After my soul journey with Kathleen, I was able to release things that were holding me back and discovered my true purpose. If you are looking for a guide to clarity around your purpose on this earth, working with Kathleen could change your life.


Kristin Pelletier

KP Consulting

Kathleenʼs program is work with soul-searching exercises, tools, templates, and candid insight delivered in an empowering yet soothing way.

Regarding the work, Kathleen asks a lot, but she delivers even more. Her presentations are captivating, and she has the gift of connecting people with their purpose in the most powerful way.

Sharon Zarozny


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