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When the power point doesn’t work, the real story emerges!  Here’s Kathleen speaking at Marcia Bench’s Inspired Entrepreneur’s Conference, sharing how she learned to transform the debilitating inner critic into the compassionate sage in her heart….and how each and every human being is wired for compassion and can learn to do that as well.

For more about scheduling a speaking engagement with Kathleen Hanagan please see the following Media Kit, and then contact Tara at  support AT KathleenHanagan.com


Topics Kathleen covers in her keynotes, workshops and seminars include:

1. Merging With The River Of Endless Prosperity

khLike it or not, money is the most potent symbol of power in the world, and it’s time that we evolved our relationship with it. All struggles around money come from conditioning from our past and from influences from the culture. As soon as you seek only money, you lose track of your Soul’s purpose, and of true wealth. All fear around money comes from a deep sense of lack, creating a painful trap that can zap the joy from your life.

In this presentation Kathleen blows the cover on all the “magic” attempts to “manifest” money, and shows us how to connect to the Source of the very prosperity we seek.


2. Amor Fati: Learning To Love The Life You Live, No Matter What

Our imperfections and our suffering bring us to our knees.   If we are too perfect and cannot fail, we never surrender and cannot ever discover the true meaning of our larger purpose, and realize the powerful quality of amor fati, a Latin phrase meaning “love of one’s fate.” It is used to describe an attitude in which everything in one’s life, including suffering and loss, are the perfect situations that give us the opportunity to reclaim lost part of ourselves, and move us toward wholeness.  Amor fati means that you embrace your challenges as doorways to your own Divinity. 

In this presentation, Kathleen teaches us how to shift from unconscious to conscious suffering as a pathway to true joy.


3. Why Personal Transformation Opens The Door To A Better World

The reality is that 70% of Americans hate their jobs, 2/3 of Americans suffer from low self-esteem, and antidepressant use is up over 400% in past 2 decades. This is the norm, when all the while, there is this Loveseed inside each person, this kernal of goodness, essential vitality—not physical, but of Spirit. And it has been buried due to wounding and insufficient nurturing. We are here to wake up to who we truly are, and it is real work—the most rewarding work you will ever do—because it allows you to love more fully, forgive more freely, and who you become makes the world a far more beautiful place.

In this presentation, Kathleen illumines the path to the heart of who we are, and gives us every reason to trance-end our fears.


4. Harnessing The Ambition Of The Soul: How To Use Your Innate Gifts To Fulfill The Great Work Of Your LIfe

speakhealgathMany indigenous societies believe that we each possess original medicine― a kind of personal power, that is ours and ours alone. No two people possess the exact combination of innate strengths, talents and challenges. When you commit to finding and living your original medicine, you step onto a path of devotion. You throw away the yardsticks from “the authorities” that keep you tethered to old molds that have nothing to do with you or what the world needs now.  When you serve and monetize that devotion, your life and your business—your Great Work—-is a blessing, from your very heart that has a ripple effect.

In this presentation Kathleen addresses the wave of heart-based business that is changing the face of the world we live in.


A partial list of Kathleen’s speaking venues include:
◦ Women in Technology
◦ Higher Balance
◦ Carewell Urgent Care
◦ Vital Body and Mind
◦ Fannie May
◦ Discovery
◦ The Emboldened Heart
◦ Manifest Everything Now
◦ The Feminine Quest
◦ Live Life Consciously
◦ The Health Lady
◦ I Take The Lead
◦ Women’s Community Group
◦ Power Your Life Radio
◦ Align, Shine, Prosper Radio

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