“Dharma points to what we express on the other side of our suffering and fears.  When you are living your dharma, you essentially live according to the highest law, which is love.  You are fulfilling the highest expression of yourself.  You are fully who you are, expressing your essence, your loveseed.”  Kathleen Hanagan
A few days ago, I went to a prayer ceremony and deeply prayed for answers about my work and about partnership.  This past week I had felt compelled to create a workshop on the healing of the feminine and masculine, beyond the couple’s counseling I do most days. I also had no energy to continue the Match.com thing, which I had done as a gesture saying “I am open to partnership.”  I received a very strong and clear message : 
You hold the vision of Sacred Union so strongly in your heart that it is more powerful than the attraction for any man at this time. 
This is the ‘curse’ of carrying a vision of such a potent archetype, and you break the spell when you offer it as a gift to the world.  You liberate yourself to love and be loved by accepting the assignment wholeheartedly.
Your lowering of your vibration through any dependencies is a shirking of responsibility, and that doesn’t sit well with one like you, who already knows who she is. 
Step into what you are afraid of and you free yourself from the shackles that keep you small.  It’s as simple as that. 
Place all your fears and all your sorrows on the altar of Love, allowing the past to dissolve at the speed of Light.  All future works are then free of that burden.
With a lightened load and quiet mind, your heart begins to vibrate as the Peace of Christ. 
The vision you then carry forth is pure and innocent, no longer driven by the wounding.
As you love, teach and worship with your brothers and sisters, you transform the world, placing your vision alongside others, each a beaming from the ONE LIGHT.”
Quietly, and without judgment, ask yourself if you have accepted your assignment wholeheartedly.  Answer honestly.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

You have a choice.  You will have peace once you let go of all resistance.  May you find your way through the doorway of love.