I recently watched Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the sequel to his first documentary that bought climate change into the heart of the popular culture.  I found myself thinking how anyone, especially world leaders, could be so ignorant and foolish not to take it seriously, given the science behind it. It is true that greed and power distort and cloud true vision, as evidenced by comments discounting global warming when the temperatures in various parts of the country become  frigid.  The unseen is disbelieved or explained away by erroneous and childlike beliefs that uphold the immediate gratification of those in so-called “power.”  A driving force, called FEAR, which is at the root of greed, lust, war, and all mis-uses of power, fuels these beliefs and the actions that follow. 

In the excerpt below from my book, Activating Your Loveseed: Revealing The Blueprint For A Better World,  I share with you a perspective on an unseen reality that could help you reclaim your power in all aspects of your life—-a power that can only be harnessed by the heart, and puts all things in the light of an larger purpose and infinite source. 

The Three Hearts

I want to share with you how much my decision to breath into my heart has had to do with letting go of fear in my life.   This simplest of acts, consciously breathing into the center of my chest, toward the back near my spine, opened up a doorway through through which I stepped into another dimension of consciousness.  

What, you may wonder, am I talking about! The heart is not in the center of the chest, toward the spine. That is true of the physical heart, but there are three hearts with very different functions, all important in unique ways.

The first heart rules all things physical, and is the actual pump on the left side of your chest that allows you to remain alive in this body. It is deeply connected to the other two hearts. The human heart is the gateway that allows you to access the higher dimensions and is a bridge between your spiritual and your human energies anchored here on earth.  The heart is 500 times more electrically powerful than the brain, and 5000 times more electromagnetically powerful than the brain.  It is truly a power center which entrains all other biological rhythms in your body and allows you to connect to all dimensions of consciousness. 

The second heart rules all things spiritual, is often called the heart chakra, and is a non-physical energy that is in the center of your chest. When the heart chakra is strong and often open in a person’s life, she/he will be guided out of darkness and toward the light and goodness.

The third heart is found in the center of the chest and toward the back of the spine, and rules all things.   It is the bridge that connects you to all that is.   The third heart is the Sacred Heart and is the flame depicted in representations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It rises out of the heart chakra which has thorns in pictures of Christ, representing the suffering we experience as human beings.

The Sacred Heart exists in another and much higher dimension, and is called the Three-fold Heart, as it is made from the three-fold flames of gold, pink, and blue light. The pure Divine Feminine ray which relates to our right brain and heart is crystalline pink, possessing the qualities of unconditional Divine Love, compassion, and reverence for all life, and signifies the essence of our true self.  The pure Divine Masculine ray of energy (relating to our left brain, throat and heart) is sapphire blue and relates to the power, will, and inner resolve to set the course for one’s life, or true north.

When the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine rays of energy are unified and balanced within us, the consciousness of the gold ray is awakened, which is called Christ consciousness

The gold flame embodies wisdom and illumination, the ability to discriminate and use the gifts we have been given on the path of our true calling. Understand that my use of the terms Christ consciousness does not have to do with Christianity, which is a religion. It has to do with the higher awareness that is inherent in the loveseed of every human being, which is the awareness that Christ embodied and taught. It could also be called Buddha mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha-nature

When all three flames are balanced within us, love, power and wisdom reign in a person’s life. This Violet Flame of transmutation  burns away all that is not you so that the essence of you remains, the seat of the Soul, the part of you that is one with your life’s purpose, and from which you can harness the energy of your loveseed. Learning to live from this place allows you to live with a sense of grace, no matter what is happening.

Most people are oblivious that this aspect of their being is always there, experiencing everything, as they race from one thing to the other in their hectic lives. Being able to intentionally turn down the churn of the mind and turn up the flame of transmutation is a skill you will want to learn if you are to live a life of power and joy.

The Sacred Heart is considered a holy chamber inside you where true prayer takes place. It is a state of deep peace and quiet, connected to Source, and being able to enter this space brings with it the gifts of alchemy, where you transmute your suffering and sorrow, your fear and anger. Remember the adamantine particles  that are under the command of love and belong to all dimensions—- until now, understanding and utilizing these particles was for priests and mystics of the highest order, for saints who could perform miracles.  When the Sacred Heart is activated and central to your life, it serves as a magnet for exactly those adamantine particles to form in the perfect way that will forward the flowering of your loveseed.  As you begin to magnetize adamantine particles from the infinitely abundant universe that is available to you, your role as co-creator in your own life is strengthened.  

Seeing with the eyes of the heart

As the lower heart or heart chakra remains open more and more, in spite of and in part due to suffering and circumstances, the upper heart, or Sacred Heart, begins to take over. The shift in perception that takes place when the Sacred Heart begins to flower is the true enlightenment. You begin to see the Divine everywhere.

This seeing with the eyes of the heart is a choice we make that entirely shifts our destiny. Tibetan Buddhist Master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpochesays of this choice, “We must continue to open in the face of tremendous opposition. No one is encouraging us to open and still we must peel away the layers of the heart.”

I recall that shift happening so powerfully for me while living in Peru. I had already lived in three places and each one had its challenges: rats, freezing water in the shower, neighbors who partied all night. I was finally settled into my latest flat, and feeling so lonely and defeated by all I had endured. Getting my phone installed had taken a month, and my internet failed to work most times I needed it. First world problems in the third world present opportunities for awakening at every turn.

It was a Saturday and I needed to go to the bigger market to stock up on food for the week, which meant taking a cab through a section of town that I perceived at the time to be “disgusting and dirty.” I had heard myself say that a few times to a friend, commenting on why “they” could not do a better job of picking up trash in Peru. At that time, I had a heart that seems to open and close at whim, triggered by things I didn’t like, and I had not yet cultivated the space inside me to accept all things with grace. (I am still working on it, believe me!)

It was a day like any other, one in which I struggled with being so alone in a foreign land, both requiring and resisting the solitude. I was surrounded by beauty and poverty, and was deeply saddened by the news of hurricane, Katrina in the U.S. I questioned if I should go to New Orleans to help out, as I had been trained in such things. I was angry at my country’s government for going to war, and now this neglect of humanity was breaking my heart. I had been spending a great deal of time in prayer and meditation in the weeks before, yet continued to flip flop between being grateful and awake, to angry and despairing.

As I sat in the back of the jerking cab becoming annoyed at the driver’s aggression, I laughed at how aggressive I myself had been lately, complaining about this, that, and every little thing. I was aware of my misery and that I was resisting the joyful and awake state I longed for. I sat back and rested in the Witness aspect of my awareness, and breathed a huge sigh of surrender into my heart and out again.

Suddenly and quietly, the way I perceived all things changed. I felt an expansion similar to the experience with the hummingbird that had visited me and touched my third eye. My heart burst open. I looked at the garbage, filth and all the other “annoying” things and I saw a soft warm light everywhere. I did not see filth, but beauty, as love emanated from me and back to me from everything I witnessed. I was seeing with the eyes of the heart—the Sacred Heart.

I recall giving the driver a big tip and preparing to enter the crowded market where people were packed in like sardines. I had enough presence of mind to clutch my purse more tightly, since “gringas” in Peru were often robbed by locals, yet I did not see anyone as a potential threat. I felt “in love” with everyone in there, smiling and merging on the level of the heart.

There is only one Sacred Heart, and it belongs to all of us. When the Sacred heart is activated, you realize your Oneness with all things. To use an old term from my hippie days, I was “blissed out.” I had been lifted out of my local human misery to the world of the gods.

I realized that I had been given a gift, and that though it seemed to come out of nowhere, my prayer and meditation of the months prior had paved the way for this experience of unity consciousness.

I had planted the seeds of this moment, and the flowering was magnificent. The expanded state where I seemed to live on higher ground, while remaining connected to everyone and everything around me, lasted two weeks. Even after I seemed to “come down to earth,” I was different. The polarities of my joy and misery seemed to merge, and I was more “integrated,” to use a term from Carl Jung.  

Again, my willingness to surrender my judging mind, as I had surrendered my fearful mind with the hummingbird, opened up a portal for me to step through into an entirely different dimension of consciousness.   Each time, I received a precious gift.

Here is a gift for you, a beautiful meditation on the Sacred Heart that you can listen to over and over to lift you up to the palce where you see your life and the world through the eyes of the heart.