This is the view of the deck from where I sit to do my morning meditation. Yesterday, I looked out and found the Buddha on the brick floor, on its side.

My thoughts were, “Ah, that was the sound I heard? Wow, it’s not broken. What happened? “ My mind immediately attempted to “make sense” out of what I was experiencing. Eventually I saw that the plant behind it was bent and that the statue must have fallen backwards, but not have fallen hard enough to break as the plant softened the fall and the railing caught the back of it. I felt a moment of gratitude that it was not broken.

The part of my mind that needed to know things relaxed eventually, as I sorted the probable events out. I investigated further and saw that the statue needed more support to prevent it from falling again. I found an extra brick for support and hoisted the Buddha back to his perch, checking to be sure it was steady.

I wondered what the message of the falling Buddha was for me. The situation reflected a need for more support to remain steady and not fall backwards—-in this next phase of my work.

How do I know that? I know that because that is what happened to the statue of the Buddha.  How do I know it’s about my work—the work of getting the book out? Because that is what came to me, and that is what is present in my life now.

Could it be that simple? Could everything we need to know for our highest good be reflecting back to us all the time?

YES!  We are co-creators with the rest of the Universe. We are an integral part of what actually happens in our lives all the time, even when it comes to statues falling backwards, and other occurrences that seem out of our control, and not related.

We live in a holographic universe which is to say that our world is the projection of a reality written in 2D (the second dimension), and that what we experience “out there” in the 3rd dimension of our lives is really coming from that template inside us. That template is a kind of psychic DNA that influences our physical world in a profound and very real way.

Jung called this synchronicity—moments of “meaningful coincidence: when the boundary between the inner and outer world dissolve, and our internal subjective world appears in the material world. They are far from random and often touch the heart of our being. They may arise with no obvious causal relationship, yet seem to be related on the level of meaning. In other words, events that are connected by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

This takes the idea of the Law of Attraction  into an entirely new realm, where the seeds of something in the physical world can be planted in the non-physical, and yet manifest brilliantly, with no apparent connection. Remember that the Law of Attraction is the magnetic power of the Universe that attracts similar energies together, and manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways.

Jung was really transfixed by this notion of synchronicity, and saw life not as a series of random events, but rather the expression of the deeper order of things, which he called the Unus Mundus,which is Latin for “one world. “This deeper order connecting what happens on the outside with that which is happening inside a person is a doorway to awakening I invite you to consider. Jung said that such experiences of synchronicity shared characteristics with an intervention of grace, often spoken about in religious writings where beings such as angels appear to humans in order to assist them in their Soul’s quest for wholeness.

Your Soul is the journey of attention throughout a lifetime.  Your Soul creates your external physical reality based on how you perceive your self in relationship to everything around you. Hence your Soul is your creator, your piece of God within, and you are ultimately the master of your own destiny because your Soul is constantly telling you what to create. Even your greatest challenges are there so that you may learn to reclaim yourself as a divine creator.

Your Soul is now using your current emotional patterns and perceptions of self to create your present life circumstances. You are therefore not the product of your experiences—-your life experiences are the product of you Soul’s creation. In fact, life conforms to us at all times. It exists for one purpose and one purpose only—-to be a constant metaphor for who we feel we are in each and every moment so that we may connect to our essence and continue to evolve.  The key to our own enlightenment is that we continue to learn from our experiences.

Look around your life. Is there beauty, or is there chaos? Is there support and love, or is there disharmony and conflict? What is your life telling you? How big is the gap between what you say you want and what is happening in your life?

No judgment here. Just look. Listen. Listen to what your Soul wants you to learn.  Allow yourself to be enlightened by your own life……and don’t forget to be grateful, even if it’s not easy! Your life is like a loving parent, attempting to nudge you toward your own fulfillment.