“Timing is all about how long it takes you to come into alignment with your desire. If you’re waiting, you’re a little bit off track.” Abraham

Some people call it Divine Timing,  the experience of time not bound by our own will, but connected to some greater order, to Nature, to the Creator.

Some call it spherical time,  as opposed to linear, and when you are tuned into this kind of timing, you simply know when to do something and when to hold off. You take the pressure off yourself to attempt the impossible by trying to control the timing of things. You stop pushing and begin to allow more. You shift away from control toward receiving, from motivation to inspiration. From endless to do lists, to prioritizing from the inside out.

When you align your life with this natural rhythm, magic begins to happen. Synchronicities abound, and you realize that something didn’t happen because it wasn’t supposed to, because something else had to happen first, but you didn’t know that before hand. You simply trust.  It is a way of living known by mystics, poets, children and animals. Embracing a consciousness of Divine Timing moves you into a mindset of innocence that allows for acceptance and even joy in the midst of struggle.

Most westerners wrestle with this day in and day out—–I should be writing my book….studying for my exam….cleaning my closet, making more money, making dinner—-the list is endless and there is never ever enough time.  In this state, there is no joy!

We all know the feeling—-the pressure in the head and in the gut, to hurry up and get this or that done.   A needless source of anxiety for millions, this addiction to the illusion of chronological time coupled with internalized beliefs that success requires relentless doing, we have become a society of rushing humans who are barely present to anything.  A deep fear that there is just not enough time drives the non-stop train of our lives, and we are afraid to get off. 

Deepak Chopra says that the feeling of running out of time causes us to get old quickly.  Think about that!

Technology has added to the pressure in a big way  We can be called, texted, face-booked, emailed, snap-chatted…..and there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to respond to everything coming at us. Time management systems are dinosaurs in today’s hyperlinked world.

Here are three powerful truths to embrace that can help you surrender more easily and get into the groove of Divine Timing, while accomplishing everything you really need to be doing:

 1.  You are right where you need to be.

Julian Barbour British physicist, author, and major proponent of the idea of timeless physics, has declared the solution to the problem is of time in physics and cosmology as simply, “there’s no such thing as time.” Barbour sees each individual moment as a whole and complete in its own right. He calls these moments “Nows.”

We are continually moving through a succession of Nows, and each configuration is an arrangement of all that is in the universe, “…many different things coexisting at once. There are simply the Nows, nothing more, nothing less,” says Barbour. For him, the physics of reality is the physics of all the Nows taken as a whole. There is no past and no future.

When you cultivate the capacity to bring yourself fully present into the Now, and say, “I am right where I need to be,” out loud, you cast out doubt that you could have or should have done something differently to prevent you from this Now. It keeps you from falling into waiting or regret. You get to relax into your life, now, and you know just what to do next, from this grounded and present state of being.

2.  The path is always there.

Your path of destiny can only be walked by you. It is never “too late,” because you are always where you need to be, and your next step is part of your path. If you fail to meet deadlines, or otherwise are unable to keep up with the demands of chronological time, and you suffer consequences for that, you are still where you need to be to learn something. Maybe you need more help, or to let go of some things.  

Your next step begins a path, the one that is always there, waiting for you to step onto it, fully awake. It helps to remember this during those times when you don’t see the path forward.  Pause. Ask yourself what your very next step needs to be—what is the priority in that moment— and listen for the answer.  Don’t assume you already know.  Allow your intuition to kick in.  We all have that precious gift of somehow knowing.  The more you listen, the better you get at knowing. 

3.  Faith can move mountains

We all know the feeling of wanting to give up on something important, because we have been waiting so long. Maybe it’s the right job, the love partner, the perfect body—whatever we have been going after, and it still isn’t happening. It’s easy to fall into doubt, which takes us off course. Then when our dream doesn’t happen, our doubt is validated.

As Caroline Myss so eloquently puts it: “Having faith in something commits a part of our energy to that thing: having faith in someone commits a part of our energy to that person: having faith in an idea commits a part of our energy to that idea: having faith in fear commits a part of our energy to that fear. As a result of our energy commitments, we – our minds, hearts and lives – become woven into their consequences. Our faith and our power to choose are, in fact, the power of creation itself.”

If you really want to embrace Divine Timing, you will need unbending faith that your dreams will come true, eventually. At the same time, you will need to surrender attachment to the outcome. This paradox is resolved by knowing that everything that is happening has been chosen by your own Soul to that you might reclaim yourself as a Divine Creator.

We are co-creating everything with the Divine, and our input makes a difference.  Yet because you cannot see the infinite scope of things, the Divine or Universe, which I am using interchangeably, may provide outcomes that look nothing like you had intended. 

And yet, you are exactly where you need to be. Always and forever. And there is more than enough time for all that is truly important.