We are here, in 2018, for better or for worse, as far as circumstances go, which is always up for grabs. We simply cannot know what will happen, even with the most skilled intuitives, astrologers, and other wise folk attempting to guide us ahead of time.

One sure way to determine that it will be better on some level is to claim your power as a co-creator. No, this has nothing to do with politics, but with how we show up in our lives. The new tax bill or whether most of Congress is booted out due to sexual indiscretion has nothing to do with how we show up in our lives,

Resolutions will fall flat eventually, (apparently 80% fail) because they come from our thoughts and are fueled by inner “shoulds” that have nothing to do with our happiness and fulfillment. They don’t deal with the counter-intentions, often on a deep sub-conscious level, that go directly against what we say we want.  

The old model of DO HAVE BE —-do more exercise to have a better figure to be more attractive—-has been flipped on its head by the new energies of creation, that call us to go directly to how we want to be. The BE HAVE DO model is about tapping into how we want to BE, so that we HAVE the joy and energy to DO what we know we need to do. We begin with the end result.

Word For The Year

One of the best ways to activate what you really deeply want in your life at this time of year is to choose a word for the year. You choose one word—only ONE, not 2 or 3 or more to confuse the Universe with your lack of clarity—-but ONE word.   It becomes a touchstone so that you come back to it over and over as you make decisions on the path of your life.

A word contains energy and images and meaning, which activates our hearts, minds and souls. There is power in a word.

 Choosing your word is often very natural. You can do it right now, if a word has not already come to you. Here are a few:

Freedom Grace Effortless Courage Health Love Kindness Mastery Trust Maverick Hero Self-love Patience Humility Growh Focusm Integrity Prosperity Creativity Power Gratitude Play Acceptance Juicy Wild Truth Generous

Let a word come to you now.

My word for this year is OPEN. I intend to be OPEN, so that I have great connections and experiences and do the things that will allow my life to thrive. When I come up to certain moments where I could choose to OPEN, or remain more closed, I intend to choose to be OPEN.

I see people opening the book I’ve written, and doors opening to new opportunities to serve and take delight in life. I have a lot of fear about the next year (as well as excitement, as fear and excitement are connected!). I have fear about getting the book out, if it will be well-received, and about the exposure of very intimate aspects of my life.

The word OPEN will be a guiding energy all this year, as I open my body through yoga, and open to new relationships, and remain open to the Mystery of my life.

Your word may often teach you through paradox and contrast.   If your word is abundance and you find that you have less money than ever, it doesn’t mean that you chose the wrong word. You must choose abundance (BE Abundance) regardless of circumstances, you will be living true to your word and eventually, the circumstances will change to match your vibration.

If your word is courage and you fail to get out of your comfort zone and exercise courage in a certain area of your life, you will learn. Your word teaches you. It inspires you to take mindful action.

So let’s welcome 2018 and step off into the unknown fortified with a word that will be a guiding light.